288 Slot Review

288 Slot Review

June 12, 2022 Casino Slots

288 Slot Review

Revolver Gaming’s latest offering to the genre, simply named 288, was launched on May 31, 2022. The slot does an excellent job of replicating the mood and feeling of a Chinese Palace, drawing heavily on the traditions, aesthetics, and music of Easternmost Asian countries such as China, Japan, and Korea.

The below-average RTP (95,67 percent) combined with a high degree of volatility may make some players wary of this casino game. Some newcomers and low-risk gamers may be put off by this. It should, however, not worry any of the more seasoned spinners.

Prizes and Betting

The 288 Slot has a 2x2x3x3x4x4x4 reel that is beautifully constructed. This fantastic design not only improves the game’s looks and aesthetics, but it also dramatically expands the number of methods to win the prize. In truth, the name of the slot comes from the number of winning paylines available on the 288 Slot.

While some newcomers may be put off by the lower-than-average RTP combined with a high rate of volatility, others will be pulled in by the cheap minimum bet setting. With a minimum stake of only $0.25, the game is an excellent introduction to the world of online slots.

To make sure that high-rollers aren’t left out, the game has a $170 maximum wager, which is more than the average ($100). As a result, any player will find that the game has a lot to offer.

Features of 288 Slot Machines

The inclusion of added features, which make the game a lot more pleasant, gives online slots an advantage over their land-based counterparts. Revolver Gaming’s 288 is no exception in this aspect. The Stack Add feature is the first thing to look at. The Stack Add functionality is triggered when the first reel falls as a stack. The 2, 3, 4, and 5 reels become bonus reels after you’ve triggered the feature, with several of the stacked symbols added to them.

288 offers Free Spins Bonuses, of course, just like most other slots. To start the Free Spin Round, you’ll need the Gold Jar Scatter symbol. When three Gold Jar Scatters appear on the screen, the player is rewarded eight free spins. Only high-paying symbols appear on the reels during Free Spins, although the Stack Add Feature can still be triggered.

Design and Theme

The 288 Slot is set against the backdrop of an Ancient Palatial Chinese Estate and is heavily influenced by East Asian culture and traditions. While you spin the symbols, soothing Chinese music plays in the background. All of the symbols are derived from Chinese tales and legends. The Gold Jar Scatter and the Gold Coin are the most notable.


While some newcomers or low stake spinners may not enjoy 288 Slot, it is sure to please the high risk/high reward crowd, as well as everyone in between. 288 is an overall success, with a charming, if a little dated, premise and some fun bonuses. Interesting  and excellent designs with awesome return to player.