Cygnus 2 Slot Review

Cygnus 2 Slot Review

July 31, 2022 Casino Slots

Cygnus 2 Slot Review

Most of the features have been taken from Ancient Egypt. We have checked that these kinds of slots succeeded in the past also. All the functions and features in the Cygnus are fair. The ElK has been trying to discover this game for some time. However, it is the 2nd game of the same series. They are expecting a better result from viewers in the entire world.

There are 6 reels in the slot machine and 4096 ways to win as usual in the other game. You may expand the number of ways from 4096 to more. If you do well in the game, you can win up to 50,000x the stake. These are the best jackpots as compared to others. On the other hand, the amount of RTP (95%) is not handsome. However, Avalanches, expanding reels, rising multipliers and free spins are enough to attract the viewers.

Betting and Prizes

The betting range has started from only 20 cents to $100. It means that new players can also enjoy this game. According to experts, it is a standard amount of betting.

As a gambler, I would love to win this game’s top prize. It would help if you made some easy pairs to draw maximum jackpots at the end. Undoubtedly, there is a complete contradiction in the RTP and volatility in the game.

Cygnus 2 Game Features

We know that the slot machine has six reels and 4 rows. You need to make combinations in the given area f game. The role of Avalanches is to deliver new symbols for making pairs. After each avalanche, you have t add the row of characters, and the number of ways automatically increases. We do not have any wild symbols in the slot machine. So, the working of this game is different from all the others.

In the whole slot, you have only one multiplier to land. It is only helpful to gain the 1st reels. Then, you have to boost this multiplier. Whereas, if the Avalanches take it to the lower side of the screen or on the 5th reels, you must get the back area. Do not forget to close to 1st reels. All the time, every multiplier will get first reels.

Here is a detail of the theme and design of the slot machine.

Theme & Design

The theme of the game is a mixup of different symbols. We have seen that the background image is placed inside the reels. It is an observatory on the right side. Most symbols are gemstones in different cuts and colours. The other symbols are the sun, ghost, logos, scorpion and lions. You are getting an attractive theme.


The slot is a sequel to ELK Studios. According to the latest games of ELK, they improved all the significant features in this slot. Payout, jackpots, features, graphics and symbols differ from the past. If you have any past experience, you can win maximum outcome. However, it is an average game of casino.