Fulham vs Brentford Match Review

Fulham vs Brentford Match Review

August 18, 2022 Sports Betting

Fulham vs Brentford Match Review

The betting review consists of the latest performance, head-to-head information, squads, odds, tips, predictions, goals in English Premier League, and statistics. After reading all information, you will be able to make predictions. There is a complete difference between the performance of the two teams. Here is detailed step-by-step information.

Latest performance

According to the latest performance, Fulham played six games and won 1 time. The same side failed in a couple of games, and two games did not take any side. If we talk about Brentford, they also played six games and won three games. The remaining 2 games went into the others camp. Moreover, the single game ended without any result.

Results in the last six games

Fulham : W,L,L,D,D,D

Brentford : W,W,W,L,L,D

It is the only difference between the two teams. Fulham has a better record in this aspect of the game.

Head to Head

Both teams faced each other in October 2020. The final result remained in favor of Brentford by 3-0. It will create some additional pressure on the other team.


Fulham picked 34% chances to win. On the other hand, Brentford also conceded a 39% chance of winning. The remaining numbers of 27% will fo to draw game.


No one has declared its final lineup. We have to wait till the start of the game. According to our source, there will not be any change in the recent game lineup.

Goals in English Premier League

In the English Premier League, Fulham played one game and succeeded in drawing it. They scored a couple of goals and conceded 2 also. Mitrovic scored 2 goals from his side.

If we see the performance of Brentford, then they also played one game and provided the same result as the other teams. They scored 2 goals and conceded 2 also. Josh scored a couple of goals from its side.

Betting Odds

Odds showed that Fulham picked a price of 29/20 versus Brentford of 15/8. The other 12/5 numbers will go to the drawn game.

Betting Tips

According to betting tips for Fulham and Brentford, Brentford has maximum chances to win the game. We made these predictions and tips on behalf of past facts and figures.

Red and Yellow cards

Bobby from Fulham faced 1 yellow card and 0 red cards. On the other side, no one faced any card from Brentford. It is good news for them. More cards can create maximum pressure on teams.

Final Words

Have you read all the above information? If you have done it, it is not a big task to declare the day’s winner. Both teams left different results in all kinds of formate. Moreover, we failed to take any decision on behalf of the recent game of the English Premier League. Ultimately, I would like to ask you to choose Brentford as the best side in this game. They picked more points of predictions.