Magnum Opus Slot’s Review

Magnum Opus Slot’s Review

December 8, 2021 Casino Slots

Magnum Opus Slot’s Review

Magnum Opus by Endorphina is an alchemy-themed slot with plenty of alchemical symbols on the reels. This slot contains three rows and three reels of symbols when it comes to the feature. It has 5 different methods to win and an RTP of 96.01 percent. In addition, there are multipliers, a Bonus game, and a Risk Game to look forward to.

Magnum Opus Prizes and Betting

Due to the obvious game’s grid, the most symbols you can get in one winning combination is three. However, in order to be declared a winner, they must pay out from left to right. The wagering range is set at $0.1 to $50. To unlock the bigger prizes, you must first learn how to activate the features, which requires familiarity with the game’s symbols.

Magnum Opus Slot’s Features

There are no common symbols in this game because it has a distinct concept. Instead, you’ll see a circle with a triangle within it, a green rectangle for air, a blue hexagon for water, a red triangle for fire, and a purple square for earth. Then there are alchemical symbols like an eye with rays and a moon with a decoration. Last but not least, there is the golden lion symbol.

The Golden Elixir Bonus game is triggered when 9 of any of the element symbols appear on the reels. If you manufacture copper, you’ll get a 2x multiplier, a 4x multiplier if you make silver, and an 8x multiplier if you make gold. You’ll do this in the Alchemist’s Laboratory, starting with copper, then adding another metal to acquire silver, which you’ll use to make gold. However, if you fail, the Bonus game will end.

You can play the Risk or Gamble game whenever you win. You’ll be presented with five cards, all of which are facing down, and you’ll have to choose one. But not just any card will suffice; it must be higher than the dealer’s. You will double your winnings if you do so. You can repeat this process up to ten times. You can, however, choose a worse card and forfeit all of your prizes.

Design and Theme

As previously said, the theme is alchemical. The symbols are encased in a light blue-tinged hardwood frame. You have got a simple yet effective background that contributes to the game’s atmosphere. Because the background is a bricked wall, this is the case. If you wish to, you can use the auto spin or turbo spin modes, or you can spin regularly. You can also acquire information on the game’s rules, as well as video and audio settings, by selecting the player’s choice. This is also a mobile-friendly slot.


Magnum Opus is a slot game with an amazing mix of features and a distinctive concept. It may not have any special symbols, but it does offer a fun Bonus game and a Risk game to keep things fresh.  If you want to feel like an alchemist, this is the place to go.