Supa crew Slot review

Supa crew Slot review

December 2, 2021 Casino Slots

Supa crew Slot review

Nowadays, every casino slot producer is attempting to achieve the finest result. They’re attempting to correct flaws from previous games. As a result, ELYSIUM’s Supa Crew is one of the top games on the market. In the gameplay, you’ll notice a decent design and a large character. Remember to look at the crystal and the symbols you’ll be using. I’d like you to remember the arcade game after you’ve seen it. There is a Japanese influence in it.

RTP & Reels

The slot has five reels and ten pay lines to choose from. We will, without a doubt, not supply all of the major prizes in this game. You might win up to 500 times your initial investment. On the other hand, the RTP is only 96 percent, which means you can’t use it all the time. The Super Crew Brother multiplier and respins will be your last hope.

Supa Crew Betting and Prizes

After learning the foregoing, the betting range played an important role in any slot. It started at 30 cents and went up to $50. You only need to use it to cover a single spin.

The jackpots are determined by the players’ performance. No one can stop you from winning 500 times your stake if you perform well during the slot. The RTP is merely 96 percent in order to entice gamers. There is also considerable danger in the game.

Supa Crew Slot Features

The number of symbols you use in this slot machine is entirely up to you. You have ten pay lines to choose from, and you can use any of them. On the line, you must get the three matching symbols. It will land in the middle side of the land.

In the Super Crew, the coins symbols will emerge on the reels to spin the random symbols. Following that, you’ll see the Mega Coin version of the game to catch the three positions. This is the same as the nine mysterious symbols. All of the symbols will begin to function as before. It would be beneficial if you had to make the pairs yourself. Don’t forget to collect your winnings. It will continue to release at all times.

We understand that the majority of the functions and features will not entice players. However, if you have no other choice, you can enjoy it at any time.


The game’s shape and design are appealing. The majority of the symbols in the slot machine are brand new. On the reels, you’ll witness two brothers in the shape of photos. The female falling on the reels is the other symbol. Premium symbols like as turtles, toadstools, bombs, and stars were used to release maximum jackpots.


The Supa Crew slot machine is a fun and entertaining game to play. For the players, it has been a lot of fun and delight. We were unable to disclose the maximum RTP for the full game. There are numerous unique characteristics that contribute to the game’s overall excellence.